Introducing the SylvanSport GO at Vancouver RV Center

If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created especially for you. GO delivers that wonderful experience of tent camping: lightweight, airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special.

Carry more. Go further. Have more fun. Versatile - pack up to a dozen bikes, kayaks, two dirt bikes, up to 800 lbs of gear! Lightweight, low-profile and easy to load - perfect for big boats. Comfortably sleeps a family of four. Includes large rear awning for shade and rain protection. Control-Tilt Deck allows for ramp-free loading of vehicles.

Three modes make the GO a practical investment: 3-modes of the SylvanSports Go

Travel Mode - Light enough to be towed by any small car. Includes an ergonomic coupler for 2" ball, flat 4-wire electrical connector, LED tail lights, and 12" DOT speed rated tires. Trailer requires DMV license plate.

Transport Mode - With an unbelievable capacity to carry everything from a dozen kayaks to 800 lbs. of sheet plywood, GO turns your small car into a powerful pickup -- 7 days a week.

Camping Mode -- Six configurations with an innovative tent system, 6'- 4" of standing headroom, a 10'6" x 7' bed and giant 3-layer windows combine to make this the ultimate camping experience.

What People are Saying

"In the year that I've had my GO I've been on 13 trips. I think my most memorable was at Douthat State Park- a great place for mountain biking and sightseeing. It was stormy, rainy, windy- the park ranger first said we could be stuck in the campsite if the river overflowed. Several hours later he returned to let us know of tornado warnings!! We stuck it out and survived. Luckily we had great shelter in the GO!!!"
- Nancy, Flemington NJ

"Our whole family loved the Go. I loved how I could move it around by hand to get to a flat spot in a non-electric site within the campground. That never would have been possible for a traditional RV or pop-up. It really is a fantastic piece of gear. Thank you!"
- Eben, Cincinnati OH

Introducing the SylvanSport Go

If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport Go camping trailer was created especially for you! Set-up is a breeze.

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Vancouver RV Center
10455 NE 53rd Street
Vancouver, WA 98662

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